Huntington Quarterly Feature Stories

For a number of years I’ve been fortunate enough to write for Jack Houvouras’ fine magazine, Huntington Quarterly. From time to time. I’ll post their links here.

Huntington’s Dining Scene

This story from the latest issue of Huntington Quarterly describes all the delicious diversity Huntington has to offer on the food front. I’m always thrilled to be part of this fine magazine.

Did you know we’ve got Airbnbs right here in river city? Here is a link to my latest feature article.

In Spring 2018 for the 100th issue of HQ, Jack and I suggested 100 things every Huntingtonian should do:

Sometimes I’m privileged to write about one of the area’s outstanding homes, like this one featured in the Fall 2017 issue.

Summer 2017 HQ featured my article on one of Huntington’s premier bankers, Bob Beymer.








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